Touching the Future in the Present

We are a company founded on the principle of forward thinking

People, Planet and Profit

We work at the intersection of People, Planet and Profit.
Environmental Sustainability Advisory
We champion effective business and organizational models that generate growth, enhance profitability and accelerate game-changing social and environmental solutions for socio-ecological sustainability.
Carbon Accounting & Management Advisory
we help corporate entities of all sizes and sectors to plan, prepare and report their emission and to design and implement mitigation goals to reduce their emission.
Strategy & Policy Consulting
We advise and work with you to strategize with the best policies and actions to define and achieve your preferred future.

About Us

We are an Africa-wide research, strategic planning, organizational development, training and consulting firm with specialization in Strategic Foresight Analysis, Scenarios Planning, Sustainability Advising, Climate Change Governance, Waste Management and Circular Economy  and Corporate Social Innovation.


To provide cutting-edge specialized services that allow organizations to meet their current challenges and prepare them to take advantage of future opportunities through deep thinking and future-informed actions in the present.

Core Values

This list reflects the values that are truly important to us. They underpin our culture and serve as a guide to how we think and act as individuals and as an organization.

  • People and Planet
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Collaboration and Professionalism

Our Approach

Our approach is incisive, collaborative, rigorous, and results-focused. We use pragmatic science to help organizations identify, explore, and create their futures by knowing and understanding the forces (internal and external) that are driving change in your business. Typically, our delivering approach to any assignment goes through 4 phases.


Talking to the clients and researching into the problem/ assignment. Develop a Vision Statement of the Solution.


Develop a plan for the execution of the solution and set KPIs


Following state-of-the-art standards, protocols and methodologies, we deliver value to the client.


Perform assessment of deliverable against set KPIs.

we touch the future in the present . 

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