Wide Range of Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Environmental Sustainability Advising


Create Value Through ESG

Today’s businesses are under regulatory and public pressure to increase their environmental sustainability and enhance transparency in their ESG reporting. This requires establishing the right internal and external structures to be able to match such pressure.

At Foresight Planners Africa, we champion effective business and organizational models that generate growth, enhance profitability and accelerate game-changing social and environmental solutions for socio-ecological sustainability.

Carbon Accounting & Management Advisory

Companies are beginning to gradually face the pressure to transparently disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and communicate actions they are implementing to reduce their emission. Investors are turning away from businesses that are not complying to go green and putting their monies into greener companies and activities. This has significant implication for Africa mining and petroleum sectors which has enormous foreign investment.

At Foresight Planners Africa, we help corporate entities of all sizes and sectors to plan, prepare and report their emission and assist them to design and implement mitigation goals to reduce their emissions. We help companies establish internal structures for continuous update and reporting. Portfolio also includes development of projects for the carbon market.

Climate Adaptation Planning and Strategy Development

As climate change impacts become more pronounced and pervasive, adaptation planning and resilience building has become a requirement for governments, communities, businesses. Ours is to help you come to terms with how your business operations interface with climate change impacts by facilitating the planning and development of adaptation strategies that ensure proactive adaptation and resilience building. Inherent in the idea of climate risk management is the need to explore and turn climate risks into business opportunities. We apply a foresight lens to uncovering risks and turning them into business opportunities.

Waste Management and Circular Economy

Circular economy is an economic system that is based on expanding the life cycle of products through reusing, recycling, repairing and renovating existing products as much as possible. In the circular economy model, waste from one process or sector is a valuable resource for another. A circular economy goes beyond innovations. It also requires social reorientation and structural reorganisation.

We assist you in the design, implementation, Monitoring and evaluation of integrated circular waste management at the level of national, region/province, district or community levels.

Strategy & Policy Consulting

In the face of new challenges—like climate change, organizations must refocus on what they do and how they do it to minimize their impact on business and communities.

By default, our engagement with your organization means advising and working with you to strategize with the best policies and actions to define and achieve your preferred future.

Foresight Training & Coaching

Business or organizational success in a turbulent environment means being anticipatory and proactive in your imagination and understanding of the future. It also implies being prepared to respond to surprises and shocks with anticipatory solutions.

We fuse foresight into everything you do to prepare you to take full advantage of future opportunities. We provide practical and integrated workshops & coaching services to develop confident & competent leaders and team members because good Leadership is to your business what good steering is to navigation.

We don’t deliver ready-made solutions; we work with you, and we learn with you to deliver outcomes.

Corporate Social Innovation

We help organizations move from the staleness and monotony of CSR (corporate social responsibility) to re-engineered business models that help organizations do business while creating social value. We lead in reframing  CSR and to align such activities within contemporary ESG thinking and practice.


Our research seeks to provide an objective assessment of the businesses’ prospects, its competitive environment and a detailed analysis of its potential impacts on the environment and people. We believe in research-in-action,  and we are well-placed to use a suite of cutting-edge methodological approaches to conceptualize and initiate research with impactful and course-changing outcomes. We undertake all forms of research.

Biodiversity Assessment/Nature Based Solutions Advisory

Biodiversity and the ecosystem services they provide sustain lives and businesses. From a climate change and environmental sustainability perspective, we assist organizations to assess their natural capital and its carbon neutralizing values. We also help organizations and communities turn such capital into nature-based adaptation solutions for both current and future climate change impacts