About Us


We are a company founded on the principle of forward thinking; we touch the future in the present 

Foresight Planners Africa is Africa’s foremost indigenous foresight analysis and scenarios planning organization. We are an Africa-wide research, strategic planning, organizational development, training and consulting firm with specialization in Strategic Foresight Analysis, Scenarios Planning, Sustainability Advising, Climate Change Governance, Waste Management and Circular Economy  and Corporate Social Innovation.

“To Create the Future, a Company must be capable of Imagining it”


Robert  (Bob) O. Manteaw. PhD,

Principal and Lead Foresight Analyst


We Are Here To Make You Stay Ahead!

Ours is to help governments,  organizations, institutions, startups, communities and individuals create their preferred futures through deep thinking and future-informed actions that lead to bold navigation of uncertainties in current business environments and project planning.

We champion organizational resilience through the provision of cutting-edge specialized services that allow organizations to build the requisite capacity to imagine and touch their preferred futures in the present.

Our mantra, therefore, is to help you Touch the Future in the Present and, it is our obsession to provide forward-looking thought leadership and strategic actions that result in social, economic and environmental gains.

To  provide cutting-edge specialized services that allow organizations to meet their current challenges and prepare them to take advantage of future opportunities through deep thinking and future-informed actions in the present.
Core Values
This list reflects the values that are truly important to us. They underpin our culture and serve as a guide to how we think and act as individuals and as an organization.

  • People and Planet
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • Honesty and Integrity.
  • Lifelong Learning.
  • Collaboration and Professionalism
  • Respect.
Ours is to:

  • Create value for our customers by continually learning and applying new knowledge and ideas to find uniquely powerful and effective solutions to contemporary business challenges.
  • Provide meaningful employment to all our team members and associates, constantly challenging them to learn and grow and promoting their well-being through job and financial security.
  • Provide exceptional returns for our stakeholders, growing our business efficiently and profitably through timely and consistent execution of our policies, strategies and business processes.

Meet Our Awesome Team

Robert  (Bob) O. Manteaw. PhD

Principal and Lead Foresight Analyst

Climate and Sustainability Transitions, Waste and Circular Economy, Climate Adaptation Planning.

Yaw Agyeman Boafo.      PhD.

Associate and Senior Foresight Analyst

Nature Based Adaptation Solutions, Socio-Ecological Analyst, Socio-Economic Analyst, Research Manager

Bernard Tetteh Ayittah           

Research Associate and Foresight Analyst

Carbon Accounting. Emissions Management expert. Climate Change Specialist. 

Ms Eunice Offeibea Manteaw

Research Associate and Foresight Analyst

 International Affairs, Good Governance and Transformational Development Policies.